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Specialising in current model servicing, repairs and performance upgrades

Bob Romano Auto Care & Performance is one of Australia’s most comprehensively equipped workshops with a vast range of hi-tech tuning and diagnostic equipment.

Dyno Tuning

Bob Romano Auto Care & Performance has its own in-house Dyno Dynamic Dyno.

We have many years tuning experience, we not only use our Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno for tuning high performance vehicles as is commonly perceived, but is also a valuable tool to diagnose or fault find problems quickly and safely, saving you time and money with peace of mind.

Why Dyno Tune?

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • More Power
  • Better Performance
  • Diagnose Problems
  • Power Output
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General Servicing

Bob Romano Auto care and Performance has a range of services available, depending on what make and model you own, we can recommend the best servicing so that your vehicle runs at its very best.
In addition to our excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on only using quality parts, lubricants and oils to ensure your car gives you optimum performance. Our team of professionals will ensure your car is receiving the best possible care. Give us a call today.


Diff, Brake & Suspension Upgrades

With today’s technology, your vehicle’s power can increase by as much as 50%, and your suspension, diff and brakes can suffer as a result.
We offer diff, brake and suspension upgrades to take advantage of your new found power, with kits to suit all needs and budgets, call us today for more information.



Offering the best bang for your boosted buck, Magnuson Products’ new Heartbeat supercharger range raises forced induction to a new level of performance with reduced intake temperatures, enhanced airflow and superior housing efficiencies.
Unrivaled efficiency equals unrivaled performance in a combination that not only packs a powerful punch, it also stuns the senses with the most aesthetically pleasing, best packaged, best fitting supercharger available.

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